Yorùbá for Beginners With One Yorùbá Girl

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here. I had to take a break after I quit my 9-5… Again.

If you know me some, you will know that me too I have tried in “working”. Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Social Media Management, Real Estate, Events Planning, Podcasting, Yorùbá Teaching… Èmi náà ti try. Me too I have tried.

Now, ask me what I have been trying to find these past few years, hopping from one job to another?

Home. I have been trying to find a job I could call home. A job I could wake up to do with joy, off of my head, without panicking about impostor syndrome.

See, there are plenty jobs, I tried them. None fit. Looking back in retrospect, I realise that I always knew what it was that God had called my own. It’s just that pé, “working” pressure did not allow me to be true to myself. I have finally resolved to being true to myself. Truly. Wholeheartedly. Now.

Sir/Ma/Whomever It May Concern, if you are reading this, I am a Yorùbá Tutor.

This does not mean that I stopped being a Writer, far from it. You should know by reading this message that my art is inside of me, it will never die. Nevertheless, I am no longer ashamed to call myself a Yorùbá Tutor.

I do not know about tomorrow or always. Quite frankly, I do not care anymore. All I know is that in this moment that I am aware of, I know what I want to do with my life and it is “Yorùbá”. I also know that I am good at it. My learners have testified that I am good at it. I did not go ahead with a Master’s degree in Yorùbá just for the hell of it. Deep down, I have always known that I will be the best at it.

Sir/Ma, I am a Very Good Yorùbá Tutor.

If you don’t believe me, go and verify. 👇🏿

Website – https://msha.ke/oneyorubagirl
Instagram – https://Instagram.com/oneyorubagirl

For me, the beautiful thing about embracing this path is that I do not have to lose my identity to a job that does not define me. You now have the liberty to call me “Ìyá Yorùbá” at this my young age because I have carried this hustle on my head and I own it with my full sheist.

Did I tell you that I am a Yorùbá Tutor?

I am writing this post to sell myself and tell you that me too, I have found my calling. I have been so afraid of it. So scared of it (of dying of hunger, actually). So ashamed of it, even; I will not lie. But Sir/Ma, I am very good at something and that thing is Yorùbá.

Yorùbá for Beginners With One Yorùbá Girl

Book A Private Class With Me – https://forms.gle/PownszHgQDs7Q5sx9

See, I can teach you or anyone you know anything concerning Yorùbá. Think about it sef, how many people do you know that were mad enough to go and study Yorùbá in the university? Me.

And I am a very good Yorùbá Tutor.

Olùkọ́ Èdè Yorùbá ni mí.

If you have gotten this far in the post, Thank You. Thank You for your love for me and for your precious time. I know you are weary and tired and so… You’re already sighing, I know. Just know that this started as a promotion for my brand, One Yorùbá Girl, but it turned into a tete-a-tete because your love, opinion, and support matter to me. ❤️

I literally need you.

Please peruse the flyer. You will find everything you need to know about my online Yorùbá Beginners’ course in it. My core experience is Tutoring Yorùbá to Beginner learners and I sincerely, truly, enjoy it.

Did I forget to mention, tell your community about One Yorùbá Girl? Please help me spread the word, I cannot do it alone. Tell your Yorùbá friends and family who want to learn that One Yorùbá Girl is open to be booked!

Book A Private Class With Me – https://forms.gle/PownszHgQDs7Q5sx9

For more enquiries, please do not hesitate to shoot me a mail at oneyorubagirl@gmail.com for swift response.

I am, because you are.

Thank you, Mọ̀lẹ́bí. ❤️


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