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Mọ̀lẹ́bí (Family), welcome to my (our) page!
I am Morẹ́nikéjì Akínnúsì, One Yorùbá Girl who’s into food and writing.

My passion for Yorùbá language and culture stems from my flair for writing, and my educational experience in the course of studying Linguistics Yorùbá at the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Growing up, I could not fluently express myself in Yorùbá language. Even now, I struggle. This is more reason why the One Yorùbá Girl brand has become crucial to my very existence.

“One Yoruba Girl” website is a curious agenda, a soft home-calling to my kin around the world who like me have lost touch with their roots; that they may be able to trace the road back home with the experience and knowledge I garner and am able to share with you. You are my family now.

In simpler terms, I teach Yorùbá.

Although I like to describe myself as a Yorùbá Linguist, Cultural Enthusiast, and Word Artist based in Lagos, Nigeria, I have also, over the last few years, dabbled into freelance writing in digital marketing for brands such as Unilever Plc, Siemens Africa, PJK Nigeria Ltd., Agrodirect, Bleu Orange Oxford, amongst others. Recently, I have been gainfully employed as an Events Manager, too.

My writing has taken me places and led me here.

While I continue in my search for truth by pursuing a postgraduate degree in Yorùbá Literature, I do have mammoth dreams of how impactful this brand can become if more people like me open up themselves to re-learning the good in the old ways of those who were before us, as a ladder for social reconstruction.

I do not aim to justify my culture, because like every human institution, it also carries its ìroròó. I only aim to explain and expose it. You may choose to find it worthy of preservation, or not.

Below are links to some of my published works, if you would like to check them out. My email will be open to receive your curiosity, and maybe, cook up a few collaborations in the near future.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy browsing my website. Leave me praises in the comments section, will you? And yes! Don’t forget to follow me on social media too-oo.
Ire o!

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