Since I was little, I would always write stuff here and there. A moody jotter hoard is what I was. Still am. Point is, I write thoughtful insights my close friends have been encouraging me to share, so, here I am (àbí am I dẹ̀ ni).

Coupled with my passion for Yorùbá language and culture, this blog will be a hybrid of my dual social identity – an African New Woman.

Be prepared to see different things. From language lessons to cultural exposition, societal issues to religious scrutiny, I am here to serve you everything! Better be here for it all.

Above all, your love and support will keep me going. Ẹ dákun, don’t be hesitant to leave a comment here and there, I’ll be looking forward to them!

Sha, I’m super excited I finally developed enough guts to start OneYorubaGirl blog!

Ẹ ṣéun, mo dúpẹ́.

Ire o!

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