Language and Style of Akínwùmí Ìṣọ̀lá in Ogún Ọmọdé

Akínwùmí Ìṣọ̀lá’s Ogún Ọmọdé (Twenty Children) written in 1990 and published by University Press, Ibadan, is a collection of nostalgic stories about a pastoral...

Language and Style of Akínwùmí Ìṣhọ̀lá

In Ó Le Kú, Ìṣọ̀lá’s style is evident as seamlessly authentic. As we read, we get the feeling of “originality” as opposed to the watered down choices of words in contemporary Yorùbá literature. We shall now examine the distinctive features of Ìṣọ̀lá’s use of language in Ó Le Kú.

The Role of Ifá in Yorùbá Traditional Religion

Although its physical symbols are small, the Yorùbás believe there isn’t any topic, phenomena, or human discourse strange to it – ohun gbogbo n’Ifá ti fà tán.

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

God knows. Everything that you are going through received approval from Him. He gave it permission to be, because He has faith in you. He knows that you know, that He will not leave nor forsake you.

Feminism and the African New Woman

I am an African woman. And men are not my enemies. Quite frankly, I am incomplete without a man.

Let Me Tell You What Your Problem Is

I genuinely wonder how you can read this and think that you are ordinary. And I think that that is your problem. You try so much to give yoursef a name different from what God has called you, His own.

Yes, I Sleep Inside Danfo (orun ìyà)

Yes. I sleep inside Danfo, but do you know why? No. And you're already judging me. Hypocrite.

We’re Going to Need More Tea

If we'll be talking about what I'm thinking, we're going to need more tea!

Dry! It’s not kúkú as if I know anything

These land may be dry, but the steps of the righteous are ordered by God!

What I Know For Sure

I'm in the aftermath of reading Doaa's tragic recount of her experience in the Syrian war in Melissa Flemming's A Hope More Powerful Than...

Righteous Madness

"If you believe you can beat your opponent, he'll believe it too."

Writing Contest

My eardrums were adequately covered with headphones, but the sound was alarming enough to pierce my reverie. It was an annoying falsetto like the...

Becoming Better

Become better with these simple practical methods.

Ruin from The North

So, I was taking a trip one day with my parents and niece, and by trip, I mean Bolt. As we advanced, I noticed...

No More Excuses

Since I was little, I would always write stuff here and there. A moody jotter hoard is what I was. Still am. Point is,...